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See Dr. MacMillan in Ayr for Total Eye Health Exams

Your eyesight plays a part in nearly every one of your daily activities, so take care of your eye health with regular eye examinations. According to regulations of Ontario’s Health Insurance Act, Dr. Heather MacMillan performs a complete and detailed eye examination that always includes:

  • Taking Your Relevant Medical and Family History
  • Testing Your Vision for Clarity and Acuity
  • Testing Your Eyes’ Function and Movement
  • Examining the Ocular Health of Your Eyes Including the Structure and Interior for Various Conditions
  • Determining a Corrective Prescription, If Needed
  • Instructing You on Your Eye Care and Follow-Up Exams

Ocular Health Checks for Aging and Medical Conditions

Dr. MacMillan performs ocular health checks for:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Diseases of the Retina "and Cornea"
  • Eye Conditions Associated with Diabetes
  • Depth Perception

Dr. MacMillan is diligent in reporting any ocular or systemic concerns to your family doctor.

OHIP or Private Insurance May Cover Your Eye Exam

We provide itemized receipts for your convenience to submit to your private insurance. If you are 19 and under or 65 years old and over, OHIP covers the cost of your annual eye exam. Also, if you have particular eye or general health conditions such as diabetes or it is requested by your family physician OHIP may also provide coverage for your eye examinations.

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