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Read Our FAQ before Your Appointment with Dr. MacMillan

Do you want to wear contact lenses for the first time or retry contacts? Is your child squinting to read the computer screen? You may have questions that our patients ask about their eyesight and eye health. Here are some of your frequently asked questions:

How do I know if my child needs glasses?

You should make an appointment for an eye exam if you notice changes in your child’s vision. You may notice your child:

  • Sits Too Close to the Computer Screen
  • Holds a Book Very Close
  • Rubs His or Her Eyes Often
  • Has Light Sensitive or Watery Eyes
  • Squints to Read or Watch TV
  • Has Developed Headaches

How do I choose the safest glasses for my child?

For safety, polycarbonate lenses are good for kid’s glasses because polycarbonate resists impact very well. These lenses also have built-in ultraviolet ray (UV) protection and come from the manufacturer with a scratch resistant coating. Your child’s frames should fit properly at the bridge so the glasses don’t slide down your child’s nose.

Can I wear contact lenses?

Yes. Most people can now wear contact lenses because of advances in technology with both soft and rigid gas-permeable lenses. You can even have bifocal contacts if you need them! Ask Dr. MacMillan what contact lenses are right for you or if any medical conditions will prevent you from wearing them.

Why do I need prescription glasses when I can get reading glasses at any drugstore?

The inexpensive glasses you buy off the rack don’t cost much for a reason; they are standard lenses in a cheaper frame. They may give you headaches, literally, if they are not just right for you. See Dr. MacMillan for the correct prescription for both of your eyes, and let us fit your frames personally for maximum comfort.

How do I know my new glasses are just right for me?

  • Have a thorough, professional eye exam to ensure your lenses are made by prescription to fit your vision needs. A regular eye exam will check not only changes in your vision but also the overall health of your eyes.
  • Our staff will help you choose frames to fit the shape and size of your face, and complement your skin and eye colour. Then we fit your frames for lens placement so you look and see your best.

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