Enjoy Seeing Well in Prescription Glasses That Suit Your Style

Dr. MacMillan and our professional staff make sure you have the right lenses for your vision needs, even in bifocals and trifocals, beginning with our thorough vision testing and eye exam. If your lens prescription is out of the ordinary, we personalize our service for any corrective lens prescription you need. Depend on our quick service for lenses from major lens manufacturers perfectly ground to your prescription in our dispensary.

Comfortable, Attractive Frames for Children and Adults

Enjoy having new eyeglasses that fit so well you forget you are wearing them. The experienced professionals at our eye centre in Ayr help you choose the best construction and styles to suit everyday wear and special occasions. For your youngest child or your great-grandparents, Dr. MacMillan has comfortable and durable frames for everyone. Come in to browse our large selection of competitively priced frames and receive expert service for:

  • Children’s Eyeglasses
  • Designer Frames
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Fittings and Adjustments
  • Eyeglass Repairs

Prescription Sunglasses for Reliable Eye Protection

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors or are your eyes light sensitive? Dr. MacMillan offers prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from 100 percent of UV rays. Come in and have our professionals show you sunglasses for regular or prescription lenses. If you're a sports enthusiast or working within a budget, we have the right sunglasses for you too.


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